Counseling & Support Services

Most patients come to the International Mesothelioma Program (IMP) because of its reputation for treatment excellence and state-of-the-art research. It’s only once they get to Boston that they discover two additional strengths of the program – the ever-expanding range of support services available to patients and families and the dedicated and compassionate staff who provide them.

The IMP treats patients from across the country and around the world. Being away from home adds another layer of difficulty – being away from known support systems. To support patients and families through this process, we have a dedicated mesothelioma support team. These professionals provide counseling, emotional and spiritual support, practical help with housing and travel needs, and assistance in navigating the health care system:

Ginny Hemani, Chaplain
617-732-7480 (page at 617-732-5656, page# 11946)

Reverend George P. Winchester, SJ, Chaplain
617-732-7480 (page at 617-732-5656, page# 13234)

Charlene Haouiliya, LICSW Social Worker
617 732-5500, ext. 32819 (page at 617-732-5656, page# 32987)

Adrienne E. Camp, Patient Liaison
617-732-5500, ext. 33858 (page at 617-732-5656, page# 36581)

The support services team always has their sights set on creating a caring and helpful environment for mesothelioma patients and their families.

IMP Support Services

  • Patient Orientation
  • Daily Visits
  • Patient and Family Liaison
  • Weekly Support Groups for Patients and Caregivers
  • Patient Matching
  • Post-Discharge Support
  • Nursing Liaison
  • Annual Memorial Service
  • Housing and Travel Assistance

Major programs within support services are:

Patient and family liaison

Adrienne Camp, Patient Liaison

Adrienne Camp,
Patient Liaison

Because mesothelioma is such a devastating disease, it is important that patients and families focus on care and treatment rather than non-clinical details. The IMP’s patient and family liaison takes care of a wide variety of details, such as:

  • providing documentation to insurers or referring physicians
  • getting medical records or test results from other hospitals
  • gathering Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) records for a patient to take home to local doctors
  • making sure patients have the proper follow-up appointments
  • relaying pathology results after a biopsy or tracking down important scans
  • maintaining ongoing communication to keep patients and family members informed.

Support Services

In addition to daily, individual support of patients and families, the support services team manages several key services:

  • Patient Orientation, a weekly meeting for new patients and families
  • Support Groups, one for patients and families and one for the family and friends who serve as a patient’s caregivers
  • Patient Matching Program to connect new and current patients (matched as closely as possible by gender, age, locale, and type of treatment) with mesothelioma survivors.
  • A Day of Hope and Remembrance, in which families and friends of those who have lost their fight against mesothelioma share memories and stories of loved ones with members of the IMP team and community.

The impact of a diagnosis of mesothelioma is not only physical but also emotional, spiritual, and financial. So the program’s services also include religious counseling and spiritual support. IMP chaplains work with patients of all denominations and offer everything from counseling to prayer to working through a family’s changing priorities.