Survivor Stories

Read about some very special people – the patients we have been privileged to care for. Their stories are an inspiration to us, and we hope they will be to you, too.


Dorothea Consolini

New Hartford, Connecticut
Diagnosed December 2001

“I went to the hospital with no real thought of what might happen.I just knew I’d be coming back home. I was determined to move ahead and get through it.”


Sissy Hoffman

Whitemarsh Island, Georgia
Diagnosed 1996

“The IMP team has saved my life, and I hope I am able to pay it forward.”


Josephine Formica

Husband diagnosed 2009

“The IMP team is like family when you are far from home, and they even make you feel a little bit like you are at home, in a way. They seem to miraculously appear just when you need them.”


Finnbogi Olafsson

Diagnosed 2011

“The best thing about this journey is to know how many good friends and family we have – people who were willing to do everything they could to help out.”