IMP Leadership Council

In 2004, the IMP Leadership Council was founded by Thornton Law Firm, LLP of Boston, Massachusetts, and Motley Rice, LLC, of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Along with the Ferraro Law Firm of Miami, Florida, who also supported the IMP in the early years, the law firms came together based on the mutual interest in funding research and specific programs to help patients and families who face a mesothelioma diagnosis. Their generous assistance has helped to support the three pillars of the IMP: state-of-the art treatment, research, and comprehensive support services.

Levy Konigsberg LLP and Belluck & Fox, LLP are the newest members of the IMP Leadership Council. Levy Konigsberg helps to cover expenses for patients and caregivers who need to travel for treatment and surgical procedures. Belluck & Fox provides the IMP with funds to support data collection for outcome research and much-needed clinical trials with a direct benefit for mesothelioma patients.

The Thornton House, which opened in 2008 thanks to a very generous gift of the Thornton Law Firm, provides inexpensive accommodations for patients and their caregivers while a family member is undergoing surgery or treatment. This “home away from home” has helped many families who travel from across the United States or from the far corners of the world.

Together, these law firms are helping shape a better future for mesothelioma patients.

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